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This Cookie Policy (hereinafter, “the Cookie Policy”) applies to the website (hereinafter, “the Website”) administered by ORGAN NEEDLE CO., LTD. (hereinafter, “the Company”).
Please read the Cookie Policy before using the Website. When you visit the Website, a popup will display one (1) time every six (6) months requesting your acknowledgement regarding the Company’s use of cookies and web beacons to acquire and use your information in accordance with the Cookie Policy. We ask for your understanding and cooperation as the Company’s use of cookie information makes the Website more convenient for your use. Please let us know if you do NOT agree with the Cookie Policy.
Please note that you may not be able to fully use the Website’s services if you disable cookies before visiting the Website.
1.What are cookies?
Cookies refer to the function used to store information, including your website visit/browsing history, opened email, and accessed links, etc., on your device. Cookie information is sent to the website administrator each time you visit a website or to other websites that recognize the cookie information. Cookies possess various functions, including the ability to improve convenience by making it easier for you to browse websites and by ascertaining the pages you prefer. In addition, the use of cookies ensures that the ads you see on the Internet will closely match your preferences.
2.What are web beacons?
Web beacons are a technology that identifies the person browsing a website or HTML mail. Web beacons can be embedded in web pages and HTML emails, thereby allowing the server to read specific types of information from your device, recognize when you have viewed specific content or opened and previewed email, and store information such as the time and date of your visit and your device’s IP address.
3.About the Purpose of Use for Cookies and Web Beacons
The Website uses cookies and web beacons to improve your browsing capability and to inform you of the Company’s products and information in a manner that corresponds to your interests and preferences. However, this does NOT apply to users in mainland China.
The Company uses cookies to measure the performance of the Website and to improve your browsing experience.
Cookies will NOT adversely affect your computer.
4.About the types of cookies used
The Website uses cookies called session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporarily stored, and only remain on your device while you are browsing the Website. Persistent cookies, on the other hand, will be stored on your device even after you have finished browsing the Website, and will remain on your device until they expire or you delete them yourself. The expiration date depends on the individual cookie.
In addition, third-party cookie information may be acquired on the Website. Third-party cookies refer to cookies that have been set on the Website by a third party other than the Company on behalf of the Company. For details about third-party cookies and opt-out procedures for the use of this type of cookie information, please refer to the privacy policy of the third party using the relevant third-party cookie information.
The Company uses the following tools to measure and analyze usage of the Company’s website.

【Google Analytics】
Google Analytics Terms of Service
Google Privacy Policy

HubSpot Privacy Policy
5.About Disabling Cookies and Web Beacons
(1) Disable all cookies
You can disable all cookies by changing your browser settings. Please note, however, that some of the Website’s functions may not be available if you disable cookies.
For information on how to change your cookie settings for each of the major browsers, please refer to the following URLs:
【Apple Safari】
【Google Chrome】
【Microsoft Internet Explorer】
【Mozilla Firefox】

(2) Disable some cookies
You can also disable cookies for specific tools. Please refer to the following URL for details on how to block information from being provided to specific tools. Please note, however, that some of the Website’s functions may not be available if you delete this cookie information.
【Google LLC】

(3) Disabling web beacons
If online content includes web beacons, you can also disable them by disabling cookies as described above. If web beacons are included in newsletters or other types of email, in some cases you can disable them by blocking automatic downloads of images contained in received email. However, this method depends on the capabilities of your email software, and may not always disable web beacons. In this case, please unsubscribe from newsletters to which you have subscribed, or create a blocked sender setting.
6.Contact information
If you have any questions regarding the Cookie Policy, please contact us below.
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Please do NOT include credit card or any other sensitive information in the content of your inquiry.