Product Information

Product Information

ORGAN’s needle technology supports and exists in everyday life.

Sewing Machine Needles
Knitting Machine Needle
Felting Needles
Probe Components
  • Sewing Machine Needles
  • Knitting Machine Needles
  • Felting Needles
  • Probe Components
Sewing Machine Needles

Sewing Machine Needles

Our sewing machine needles create beautiful and accurate stitches, through the accumulation of our excellent processing technology.
Because sewing machines are used to create a variety of products, our product lineup satisfies the different needs of our customers, in both home use and industrial use.

●Apparel(Jackets, Dresses, Shirts) ●Home decor products (Sofas, Curtains)
●Car seats ●Airbags ●Shoes ●Bags
●Tatami mats ●Book binding

Knitting Machine Needle

Knitting Machine Needles

Our knitting machine needles create beautiful weaves with a delicate touch.
Knit materials require high precision and an even finish. We deliver high-performance products manufactured with an integrated development and production system that is designed to create perfect knit materials.

●Sweaters ●Cardigans ●Gloves ●Socks
●Innerwear ●T-shirts ●Car seats
●Swimwear ●Stockings

Felting Needles

Felting Needles

Our felting needles are used to create a variety of materials by complexly intertwining fibers with small barbs.
Non-woven fabrics are used in many different industries, including non-woven fabrics, artificial leather and industrial materials.

●Carpets ●Craft materials ●Floors mats ●Ceiling materials ●Car seats
●Shoes ●Bags ●Leakage isolation sheets ●Dust filters
Probe Components


Our Probes accurately and reliably conduct electricity with
exquisitely designed tips.
Our Probes division is the fruit of high-precision processing
Technology cultivated through our long experience in needle manufacturing, and we have gained strong trust in the electrical, electronics and emiconductor fields.

●Home appliances (smartphones, TVs)
●Vehicles (automobiles, trains, aircrafts)
●Electronic components (printed circuit boards, chip parts, connectors)
●Continuity inspection   ●Performance inspection
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