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Privacy Policy (Policy on the Protection of Personal Information)

https://organ-needles.com/ provides information on the business activities conducted by ORGAN NEEDLE CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “COMPANY”)

Policy on the Protection of Personal Information
The Company promotes the protection of personal information by (i) setting forth the terms and conditions, (ii) establishing a system, and (iii) making all efforts to raise awareness of the importance of the protection of personal information to all employees.
Management of Personal Information
The Company shall preserve the personal information in an accurate and up-to-date manner. In order to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, modification, and leakage of personal information, the Company shall take the necessary measures to maintain security systems, arrange management systems, and thoroughly train staff, and implement protection measures to strictly manage personal information.
Purpose of Personal Information Collection
http://organ-needles.com/ shall, at the request of the customer, provide personal information such as the name, e-mail address, and phone number of said customer, and said personal information shall not be provided for any other purposes.
The personal information collected from the customer shall be used to contact and notify the customer of business matters, and reply to customer inquiries by sending e-mails and materials.
Prohibition of Disclosure and Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
The Company shall manage personal information collected from the customer appropriately and shall not disclose said personal information to any third party in any situation excluding the following.
・The customer agrees to the disclosure of said personal information.
・Services requested by the customer require disclosure of said personal information to an entrusted party of the Company.
・Disclosure of said personal information is deemed mandatory by law.
Personal Information Protection Measures
The Company shall take security measures in order to secure personal information accurately and securely.
Requests from Customers Regarding said Customer’s Personal Information
In the event that a customer requests an inquiry, modification, or elimination of said customer’s personal information, the Company shall confirm the identity of said customer and handle said requests.
Compliance with Laws and Regulations, and Amendments
The Company shall, with regard to the collected personal information, comply with the applicable Japanese laws and other regulations, and make efforts to make appropriate amendments to the terms and conditions stipulated in this privacy policy.

The information displayed on http://organ-needles.com/ is provided free of charge.The user shall, with regard to information collected from http://organ-needles.com/, be responsible for the use of said information based on (i) whether said information is appropriate for the user’s demands, (ii) whether the necessary legal permissions have been acquired from other users to preserve, duplicate, or any other use, and (iii) the compliance with laws and regulations concerning copyright, confidentiality, defamation, and exportation.
The Company shall not be responsible for any damage or loss resulting from the use of http://organ-needles.com/.
The Company shall be responsible for, (i) the legality, accuracy, morality, updated state, and appropriateness with regard to http://organ-needles.com/ and software, and (ii), acquiring permission for copyright.
In the event that the user is redirected to other websites from links or banners, the Company shall not be responsible for any information provided on said websites.

ORGAN NEEDLE CO., LTD. shall be the proprietor of all content published on http://organ-needles.com/. Use of said content is not permitted unless written permission has been acquired.


For inquires on the Company’s personal information administration, contact the following address for inquiries.

1 Maeyama, Ueda-shi, Nagano-ken 386-1436, Japan
Officer Responsible for Planning Division and General Affairs Division:
Phone number: +81-268-38-3111
FAX +81-268-38-8532
E-mail: info@organ-ndl.co.jp